The innovative nature of the craft brewers all over the world have taken the market by every time brewing something new that you have never heard of. They have the flexibility of constantly creating beers with new ingredients making beers every time a great experience. The flavorful and aromas are the main characteristics that makes the beer more enjoyable than ever before. The use of local ingredients is popular amongst the craft brewers.


The Bhutanese Beer aims to make 100% local beer. We have taken small steps by adding red rice, Apples, and Local husks to our beers.

NAB brewery process

Brewery process

Here's the gist. Milling, Mashing, Boiling, Cooling, Fermentation, Maturing, & Kegging and Bottling.

Barrel Fermentation

Top down and bottom top fermentation.

Draft Beer

Unpasteurized fresh brewed beers.

Pub Services

Food pairing with all 8 styles of beers.

Barrel Transport

Throughout Thimphu and Paro for now.

Beer Packaging

A case of 24 beer bottle or a gift pack of 6 beers.

flag ship beer flavors

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